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Q: I sent you a message on Facebook. Why didn’t you respond?

A:  I don’t use Facebook Messenger and don’t check any messages sent to me there. If your message is important and you really need to reach me, email me.

Q: Can we be friends on Facebook?

A: Good question, not so good answer: it depends. I only use Facebook for work, and only befriend people on Facebook that I know personally. If we haven’t met in person or talked in real time before, I’m not going to accept the request. I also don’t pay any attention to friend requests on Facebook, and I only post on my personal Facebook profile once a week or so when I have pertinent information to share like career updates, personal projects, or job listings.

Trust me, it’s pretty boring, and you’re not gaining any special personal insight by befriending me on Facebook.

You’d probably do better by subscribing to my newsletter.

Q: Can we connect on LinkedIn?

A: Only if you include a personal note.

You know that little pop-up box that appears when you click the “Connect” button on LinkedIn? It has a simple sentence in there that most everyone overlooks: “LinkedIn members are more likely to accept invitations that include a personal note.”  99.999% of LinkedIn invitations I get neglect to include a personal note.

I end up deleting those invitations. Don’t be that person.

Q: Why aren’t you more active on Twitter?

A: I administer nearly a dozen Twitter accounts across my various projects, and I’m not active on all of them at the same rate. If you want to get my attention, email me, schedule time during my office hours, or hire me for a consultation.