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Q: Why don’t you speak at conferences in person any more?

A:  I did a whole podcast episode with the good folks at Working File about why I stopped. Listen to it here. 

Due to the lack of in-person events brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I decided to open up my availability for speaking at virtual conferences, town halls, panels, and similar online-only events. Even after the world opens up again after COVID-19, I will still do virtual appearances.

Thank you for your understanding.

Q: Are you on Instagram?

A: Revision Path is on Instagram, but I do not have a personal Instagram account (and will probably never get one).
There is a social media manager for Revision Path, but I do pop in and use it from time to time. 

Q: Can we connect on LinkedIn?

A: Only if you include a personal note.

You know that little pop-up box that appears when you click the “Connect” button on LinkedIn? It has a simple sentence in there that most everyone overlooks: “LinkedIn members are more likely to accept invitations that include a personal note.”  99.999% of LinkedIn invitations I get neglect to include a personal note.

I end up deleting those invitations. Don’t be that person.

Q: Why aren’t you more active on Twitter?

A: I administer nearly a dozen Twitter accounts across my various projects, and I’m not active on all of them at the same rate. If you want to get my attention, email me.